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Twenty-second International Exhibition and Conference on Technology Household Paper ended
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Hanwei manufacturing, wonderful bloom
         - Twenty-second tissue International Technology Exhibition and Conference concluded successfully
International Exhibition and Conference on Technology twenty-second tissue much industry attention has been ended May 27, 2015. The exhibition is sponsored by China Paper Association Professional Committee tissue, is the world's largest household paper, sanitary supplies professional exhibition, has been successfully held the twenty-first, is the industry's prestigious professional exhibition.
Hanwei company's elite team to bring the latest developments in this exhibition to domestic and foreign merchants grand launch. He won the unanimous endorsement of the international and domestic same industry, a good world to visit the exhibition of disposable hygiene products industry businessmen demonstrated intelligence, advanced, efficient and stable "Hanwei manufacturing."
Hanwei company under the leadership of its founder Mr. Lin Bingzheng, in 20 years of industry practice, will be applied to all aspects of technological innovation of products and production, close to the pulse of the industry, always walk in equipment innovation, material innovation, management innovation on the road. For this reason, "Hanwei" has been transformed from a low-end models seek early sales model into the current high-end models for the carrier to service the core of advanced business model development.
Future, Hanwei company will now, based on the R & D expenditures continue to increase investment, strengthen the construction of R & D design team, so that the "Hanwei manufacturing" has always been a technology leader, to create "a hundred years Hanwei" to better serve industry, contribute to the community.

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